June 2019 Meeting


The next WGNA Monthy Meeting for June 2019 will feature two guest speakers and an open forum with public comments and discussion.

Starting at 
7:05 p.m., guest speaker Jonathan Fleming (returning guest) will speak on Laura’s Law, AB 47, AB 57, and AB 109.

Next, at 7:15 p.m., DeAnna McNeal Mirzadegan, a neighborhood resident, will speak about a petition for a homeless encampment at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

From 7:25 p.m to 8:25 p.m, an open forum, and public comments will be heard on the homeless, needs for transitional housing, crime and safety, addiction and health, impacts on the environment, and the state of the city.

A full hour will be given to the WGNA Board, membership, and the open community to discuss and understand the issues related to homelessness, transitional housing, crime, and addiction, as well as the impacts on residential quality of life, the environment, the economy, social services, etc.

There should be no "assumed" conflation on any of these matters. They are not necessarily all one and the same.


To see a copy of the meeting agendas, see our web page at Meetings > Meeting Agendas and then click the link for that month, June 2019. This provides a document in PDF format that can be viewed online, as well as printed.  Agendas are posted once we come closer to the meeting date.




Willow Community Center

2175 Lincoln Avenue

San Jose, CA 95113


WGNA's next open house Monthly Meeting will be held on
Thursday 27 June 2019,
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.