A new Facebook main page has been created at https://www.facebook.com/WGNASJ

WGNA's main and original Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/WillowGlenNA is not yet restored.

Also, see WGNA's alternate Facebook Pages that are back online:

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association's current Board of Directors (2016-2017) are currently restoring the organization's media devices, including Facebook, Twitter, the website at WGNA.net and email accounts.

Twitter: Alerts, notifications, meeting reminders and current events are now being shared on Twiter. Please subscribe at https://twitter.com/wgnasj

To contact WGNA Board of Directors by email, please use the new [email protected].

To share media content on social networks and websites, please contact [email protected]

For official business with WGNA, correspondence should be directed solely to the 2016-2017 Board President, Richard Zappelli.   He can be found online at Facebook, as well as through the above emails.

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