Planning Director's Decision on the Monopole in Gardner

Decision at the Planning Director's Hearing,
Communications Antenna in Gardner

— WGNA issues letter; expected to appeal the decision

On the morning of Wednesday, August 15, 2018, members of WGNA's Gardner Committee appeared at the Planning Director's Hearing regarding item b. SP17-044 on the agenda, pertaining to a new 50-foot tall Wireless Communication Antenna Slimline Monopole in the Gardner neighborhood at the northeast corner of Prevost Street and Jerome Street.

The staff recommendation was to consider the exemption in accordance with CEQA, and to approve a special use permit as described above.  An action was approved in an agreement with the recommendation, and with added conditions. The synopsis (action minutes) can be seen here.  To listen to the hearing on an audio file, click here, and select the indexed item SP17-044 or fast-forward the recording to 18:08 minutes.

At the hearing, WGNA's Gardner Committee chairperson issued a letter, which was also delivered to the San Jose City Clerk for public record.  See here to read WGNA's letter issued August 15, 2018, in PDF format (on three pages). 


Members of WGNA's Gardner Committee have since regrouped and are planning to make an appeal of the decision made by the board.

On Monday, August 20th, 2018, Alex Harris made a presentation at the Gardner Community center on behalf of the WGNA's Gardner Committee.

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