WGNA Position on Hope Village Relocation

WGNA Issues Position Paper on
Hope Village Relocation to Willow & Lelong Streets

SUBJECT: WGNA Position Paper opposing the Hope Village Relocation Proposal at the site of Willow and Lelong Streets.

TO: Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD)

OUR POSITION: The Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA) strongly urges the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) to deny the requested permit and the use of this site for Hope Village or any similar homeless transitional housing projects.


See the position paper here in PDF document form.




The night's meeting on Wednesday 13 March was hosted by Willow Glen Neighborhood Association - WGNA at the Elk's lodge.  The WGNA board members have since heard many of the concerns of the area residents and stakeholders and will be writing a position paper to the city, county, and water district.  

Look for that paper to be published here on WGNA's website, as well as in the social media, and email.

The last meeting on March 13th was an open house meeting, whereas the city councilmembers, county supervisors, representatives, and departments were invited to attend and speak. The WGNA Board encouraged Councilmember Dev Davis and others from the city of San Jose to participate along with all of the stakeholders in our community in an open house forum.  The city chose not to attend, but the county sent its representatives. 

As a resident, if this issue is important to you, and you cannot get a reserved seat in the city-sponsored meeting on March 20th, nor a confirmation for the second meeting on the unsaid date, then you are encouraged to attend Wednesday's meeting organized by WGNA and the Elk's Lodge on March 13th.

Per the City of San Jose's flier, the Hope Village Relocation project is still considered a "proposal" at the Willow & Lelong Street locations; so, we would like to give residents the opportunity to review the issues, express their concerns, and speak out on what they think is important. That also includes the voice of, and the particular interests directly relating to, the homeless in our community.

See WGNA's Facebook page at Willow Glen Neighborhood Association - WGNA, as well as here on WGNA.net.

Questions or other matters, please email [email protected] and your message will be forwarded to the board.