Who will Benefit from Opportunity Housing?


Opportunity Housing is a proposal which would eliminate Single Family Zoning in all of San Jose.

Who would benefit?

  • Opportunistic Investors, Builders, and Developers have the capital, knowledge, and experience to convert formerly single family lots into Duplexes, Triplexes, Four-plexes along with State allowed ADUs.  
  • Property owners who sell their property.  The average property owner does not have the capital, knowledge, or experience to build multi-plexes, its more likely that they will sell their property to someone who does. 
  • Real Estate professionals as this proposal will most likely result in an significant increase in property sales.
  • Property Management Companies as more than likely these properties will be developed by opportunistic developers and investors who will need someone to manage their rental property portfolios.
  • Cities in Santa Clara County such as Campbell, Milpitas, Saratoga, Los Gatos which will continue to protect Single Family Zoning.  Some people will choose to move to these cities which protect quality of life and as a result, their housing prices may increase even more, while San Jose's does not.
  • The county as the sale of the property will increase property tax revenue.


Will Eliminating Single Family zoning aka Opportunity Housing help increase Homeownership?

How many homeowners do you know, have the desire, capital, and knowledge to tear down their single family house, rebuild a multiplex, live in one unit and rent out the rest which could be 3 or more?  It is more likely that existing single family owners will sell to Opportunistic Investors, Builders, and Developers, and may decrease homeownership rates. 


Will Eliminating Single Family zoning make housing more affordable?

One study on Vancouver showed that after single family zoning was eliminated prices have increased.  The Better Dwelling Institute explains how broad up-zoning increases prices.


Will eliminating Single Family Zoning and allowing "Opportunity Housing" in all of San Jose increase our affordable housing stock?

"Opportunity Housing" rents will be Market Rate.  They will not contribute to San Jose's RHNA affordable housing goals.


If "Opportunity Housing" is implemented and Single Family Zoning is eliminated will neighbors have any input into the multi-plexes built?

No, Duplexes, Triplexes, Four-plexes plus state allowed ADUs will be permitted by right, which means there will be no neighbor notification, input, or design review.


If "Opportunity Housing" is implemented will the new multi-plex developments be required to have parking?

No, the state no longer allows minimum parking requirements for residential development.  This will result in increased street parking.


If up to six families could live on a lot that was previously single family, where will all the trash go?

There likely would be large dumpsters on the property or potentially there would be up to 12 cans (1 garbage and 1 recycle).


Does the neighborhood infrastructure support this much increased density in our single family neighborhoods?  Who would pay for this?

City sewers as well as water and electrical infrastructure would potentially have to be upgraded. This cost may fall on the taxpayers of the city and/or the developer.


What are better ways to sensibly increase our housing stock without irreparably harming neighborhoods?

The General Plan 2040 provides for 60+ Urban Villages.  There are only 12 Urban Village plan approved and only 2 Urban Village plans in progress and funded.  D6 Councilperson Dev Davis proposed during the General Plan Task Force meeting that City Staff should complete the plans for the 48 unplanned Urban Villages.  


Who supports eliminating single family zoning aka Opportunity Housing?

Housing advocates such as California YIMBY, YIMBY Action, Southbay YIMBY who advocate for Yes in my Backyard, as well as Greenbelt Alliance who advocates to eliminate urban sprawl and increase density.  


Who opposes eliminating single family zoning?

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