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August 24, 2020

The City of San Jose General Plan Task Force voted on August 20th to start the process of eliminating single family zoning throughout all San Jose neighborhoods. This would allow the conversion of your neighbor's home from a single family house to a four-plex development. This is in addition to the two accessory dwelling units allowed under state law.   

This would be allowed "by right", which means no community meetings or public hearings; instead on any given day a house would be demolished and construction would start on four to six units. This would result in families being outbid for a house against a profit-motivated buyer who would obtain a higher rate of return from renting or selling four to six units.

This would forever change the character of our beloved neighborhoods throughout San Jose.  When residents bought a house on a block with similar houses the expectation was and is that it would remain that way, not that it would be converted to a four-plex. 

Many of our streets are narrow and street parking may already be tight. Since California state law does not allow cities to limit the number of cars per dwelling, the result of this proposed change would increase the number of vehicles competing for street parking exponentially. 

Before our neighborhoods are irreparably changed, San Jose should complete the existing Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan which shields neighborhoods and locates housing along transit corridors such as the approved developments on Meridian Ave of 233 low income housing units and 365 low income housing units on West San Carlos among others.

Please join Council member Devora "Dev" Davis, Council member Pam Foley, and the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association by supporting the existing General Plan which preserves the character of our cherished neighborhoods.  

Please act now to save our neighborhoods by completing this petition which will be sent to Mayor Sam Liccardo and San Jose City Council. 

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Due to COVID we are unable to host in-person meetings to share this information but hope to resume so in the future.

Representing our Neighborhoods,

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association


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Proponents of eliminating single-family zoning from the task force that are marketing this concept as "Opportunity Housing":

Sylvia Arenas, Councilmember City of San Jose District 8

Juan Estrada, District 5 United 

Ray Bramson, Destination Home

Linda LeZotte, Boardmember Santa Clara Valley Water District

Jessie Solis, Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Megan Fluke, Green Alliance

Jeff Buchanan, South Bay Labor Council

Luis Arguello, Union Local 270

Jesus Flores, District 5 representative

Sam Ho, San Jose City College

Shiloh Ballard, SV Bicycle Coalition

Kevin Zwick,  Housing Trust

Leslye Corsiglia, SV@Home

Dave Bini, Building Trades Union

Teresa Alvarado, SPUR

Simina Patel, District 2 representative 

Tamiko Rast, District 3 representative 

Susan Graham, District 9 representative 

Jason Su, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Andre Luthard, PAC SJ

Karl Lee, Chinese Realtors Association

Vince Rocha, Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)

Steven Solorio, AFSCME union