Road work on Lincoln?

Wondering about the road work on Lincoln Avenue? The City's Department of Transportation has informed us that Phase I of scheduled pavement repair and preparation work has begun on Lincoln, from Lonus to Nevada.

According to DOT Director Jim Ortbal:

This is a standard preparation phase of a pavement sealing project, whereby the City’s contractor will be removing damaged sections of pavement/roadway base and replacing it with new asphalt/concrete to ensure the underlying road structure is sound prior to a final sealing treatment. All current roadway striping that may be impacted would be temporarily restored in the current configuration to ensure safety and visibility.

The work began on the evening of July 8th and was meant to be finished by July 9th, but the work has been extended due to equipment damage on Wednesday night and weather conditions on Thursday night.

The work will continue in the evening on Sunday (July 12th) and Monday (July 13th) to avoid any weekend night impacts. The contractor has indicated their confidence in completing the work by/through Monday night.

If you have any specific questions about this work, please contact John Burchfiel, Principal Construction Inspector with the Department of Transportation at (408) 794-1967

FYI: According to the DOT, all businesses and residents fronting Lincoln Ave within the limits of the project received a hand delivered notice from the contractor informing them of the work to be performed.

And as we've noted previously, the full pavement sealing treatment is still scheduled to occur in October.