Road Diet Working Group

Road diet afterA working group has been established to solicit feedback from key constituencies – residents, commuters, business and property owners, etc. — and coordinate with City of San José staff to determine the size, scope, and feel of an upcoming "road diet" trial on Lincoln Avenue, scheduled for Spring 2015. This working group is comprised of residents, business owners, and other key stakeholders from Downtown Willow Glen and surrounding communities.

The Road Diet Working Group (or RDWG for brevity's sake) is committed to an open and transparent process that ensures all voices are heard. You can learn more about the RDWG and stay up to date on our progress by visiting this special page on the WGNA website or by following our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We'll be posting meeting minutes, data analysis, and other useful content on a regular basis.

If you'd like to contribute your thoughts to the discussion, we encourage you to please send an email to the RDWG or use this simple web form.

There will be a follow-up community meeting in January on a date TBD to provide an update on the RDWG's work and solicit additional feedback. In the meantime, we appreciate your engagement on this important issue for the future of our community!