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2019, October 17
Subject: Candidates Forum — Senate District 15

See a video of the forum here, directing off-site on YouTube.

— Opening comments for the forum are in a separate video, here.

Speaker: Candidates participating in the forum included:
Summary: a nonpartisan forum to introduce the candidates for the District 15 Senate seat in the upcoming 2020 election.  The event occurred on Thursday 17 October 2019 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  The venue was at the Starlite Banquet Facility,
680 Minnesota Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125.

Senate District 15 is comprised of 950,000 residents and encompasses a large portion of Santa Clara County, stretching from Cupertino east to Mount Hamilton and from Los Gatos north to San Jose’s Alum Rock District. The cities of Cupertino, Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, and the San Jose communities of Willow Glen, Almaden, Evergreen, East San Jose, and Downtown are included within the district. The district also contains vast rural expanses of unincorporated areas that extend to the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Stanislaus County border.

District 15 is currently represented by Jim Beall, who has served from the year 2012 to the present. Beall's term ends in the year 2020, whereas one of the above candidates will become our new state senator.  See the regular map of the district.  See the zoom map, focusing on San Jose.

Topic series: annual candidates forum, elections, California state


2019, June 27
SpeakerJonathan Fleming, Senter-Monterey Neighborhood Association/SMNA (returning guest)
Summary: a presentation on Laura’s Law, & and the California Assembly Bills, AB 47, AB 57, and AB 109
Topic series: Willow Glen Cares/Public Safety; Homelessness

2019, June 27
SpeakerDe Anna Mirzadegan, WGNA member
Summary: a presentation on homelessness, including an appeal to sign a petition
Topic series: Urban Design & Vision/Planning; Willow Glen Cares/Public Safety; Urban Ecology; Homelessness

2019, May 23

Subject: San José Clean Energy program and initiatives.

Speaker: Kate Ziemba, Senior Public Information Representative, San José Clean Energy (SJCE), City of San Jose; joined with Todd Webber

Summary: San José Clean Energy, or SJCE, is the City of San José’s new electricity supplier—charting our path to a greener future. We are the Community Energy department of the City of San José, dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for our community and future generations. SJCE plays a crucial role in Climate Smart San José, the city’s climate action plan. The San José City Council unanimously voted to create SJCE in May 2017, and we began serving residents and businesses in February 2019.

Topic series: Urban Ecology; Urban Design & Vision/Planning

2019, Apil 25

Subject: Homelessness, Health & Safety, The Environment, & the Guadalupe River (Topic Introduction, Presentation)
[Note, the link directs off this website to our Google Drive account. This is a view-only link.] 

Speaker: Richard Zappelli, WGNA Board Member

Summary: Talking points: Homeless encampments, and the neglected population; Opioid Epidemic, and the effects of substance abuse; Fire damages to natural brush, woodlands, and city infrastructure; Gangs, loitering, and criminal activities; Urban ecology and the spread of biohazards; Blight on residences, business and economic development; Financial buildup on taxpayers and enterprise

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision/Planning; Willow Glen Cares/Public Safety; Urban Ecology; Homelessness

2019, January 09

Subject: Caltrain Modernization Program" or "CalMod"

Speaker: Brent Tietjen, Caltrain representative; and Greg Parks, Katz & Associates (a communications firm/consultant)

Sponsor: UNSCC-United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County

Guest speaker's website: > Projects & Plans > Caltrain Modernization

Guest speaker's email: [email protected]

Summary: The topic was on the Caltrain Modernization Program or "CalMod", including its electrification and system upgrades. This was CalTrain San Jose Electrification’s first public meeting where Caltrain representatives answered questions about how this affects our neighborhood, homes, and businesses.

Guest speakers gave an overview, including plans and construction timelines for Interstate 880-Diridon, Diridon-Tamien, and the Monterey Road sections, which potentially will have the greatest impact on San Jose neighborhoods.

Participants were asked to submit concise detailed questions by email prior to the date of the presentation; whereas, a summary of all submitted questions was then forwarded to CalTrain so that the speakers would be well prepared to answer them.  Questions were also submitted during the public meetings and given spontaneous replies. 

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision; transportation


2018, June 14

Subject: Housing projects for the homeless

Speaker #1: Ray Bramson, Chief Impact Officer, “Destination: Home”

Speaker #2: Robert Stromberg, Project Manager, “Destination: Home”

Guest speaker's website:

Guest speaker's email: [email protected]

Summary: “Destination: Home” is a public-private partnership serving as the backbone organization for collective impact strategies to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. It was established in 2008 as an outcome of a Blue Ribbon Commission on ending homelessness led by then San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and then County Supervisor Don Gage.

Supplementary document: the county of Santa Clara's "The Housing Ready Community’s Toolkit"

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision; affordable housing

2018, May 16

Presentation Title:  “Urban Living” (series, part 3), Affordable Housing, The Page Street Development

Speaker: Sandra Heredia, Executive Director, Charities Housing Development Corp.

Guest speaker's website:

Summary: Insights on the Page Street Development in the W. San Carlos Urban Village Planning Area nearby Willow Glen were provided to the board and open house audience.  This presentation by the guest speaker relates to an action item on the agenda of the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association, a recommendation to draft a position paper in approval of the Page Street Development project.  The board members agreed to carry over May's business on the agenda to the June 14, 2018 meeting, in which Charities Housing was invited to do a follow-up conversation.  Ultimately, the recommendation to draft the position paper was approved in support of the project on June 14th, and a final document will be produced soon thereafter.

Separately, on the June 14th meeting,  Kathy Robinson, Director of Housing Development, Charities Housing Development Corp. answered further questions with the addition of Sandra Heredia; plus Robert Rivera, Planning Project Manager for the City of San Jose was present to join the conversation.  James Rincon, Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA) shared his personal opinions and the position of the BVNA board in support of the project.

Supplementary documents:

(1) A corporate profile for Charities Housing, with a text summary of the project; and

(2) A map of the West San Carlos Urban Village Planning Area

Disclaimer: Charities Housing is not fully entitled, and the project design could change depending on if they get any more comments back from the City that would need to be worked out.

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision; Affordable Housing

2018, May 16

Presentation Title/Subject: Trails Update from the San Jose PRNS department. (Pending)

Speaker #1: Yves Zsutty, Trails Manager of the San Jose Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) department.

Guest speaker's website/Twitter page:

Speaker #2: Rod Brittner, WGNA Board Member

Summary: Zsutty talked about improvements around the Coe Avenue area, as well as points in the greater trails network. Brittner will engage issues on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  This was his last update since the previous occasion on June 08, 2017 (see below on the list).

Supplementary documents:



Topic series: Urban Ecology; Parks and Recreation; Trails Update

2018, April 12

Presentation Title: “Urban Living” (series, part 2), Affordable Housing

Speaker: Paul Ring, V.P. Development, The CORE Companies, Inc. (Builders)

Summary: One of the major projects to be discussed by the guest speaker will be the Laural Grove Family Apartments, located adjacent to the San Jose Diridon Transit Center, a major transit hub with access to both regional and local transportation. Laurel Grove is the first project in Santa Clara County to be awarded funding from the state's Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) loan and grant program, which is administered by the Strategic Growth Council and implemented by the California State Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD). CORE Builders will also present the nearby Race Street and Tamien Station Housing projects. Race Street includes 206 units of 100% Affordable Housing in Midtown San Jose. Tamien Station Housing is a mixed Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) with affordable units for seniors and veterans.

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision; Affordable Housing

2018, April 12

Presentation Title: Forum on Measure B (election issue)

Speaker #1, re. “No on Measure B: Mackenzie Mossing, Environmental Advocacy Associate, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

Speaker #2, re. “Yes on Measure B: Andy Benkert, Evergreen Senior Housing

Topic series:  Political elections, forums

2017, November 09

Presentation Title: Transportation Connections 

Notelink directs off-site to our Google Drive account

Alternate presentation title, "VTA 101: Neighbor to Neighbor"

Invitation to speak on topics per the agenda: Topics related to the ways that we connect people and provide solutions to travel and a better quality of life.  How do you make your daily transportation connections? That's whether it's by a car on the streets and highways, VTA light rail, or by regional transportation systems like BART, ACE and Cal Train?  What about the future California High-Speed Rail?

Guest keynote speaker #1: Brandi Childress, Media, and Public Affairs Manager, Valley Transportation Authority of Santa Clara County.

Guest speaker's website: Valley Transportation Authority of Santa Clara County (main page): 

Guest speaker #2: Supervisor Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County

Guest speaker's website: Supervisor Ken Yeager:

Topic series:  Transportation; Urban Design & Vision

2017, October 12

Presentation Title: Transportation Improvements; Safe, Livable Streets (in two parts)

Invitation to speak on topics per the agenda: The two guest speakers were asked to provide information on the Vision Zero and Street Smarts programs, and how the city is creating transportation improvements in the neighborhood, as well as safe, livable streets.  Part 1 of the presentation is by Devin Gianchandani, and Part 2 is by Heba El-Guendy.

Guest speaker #1: Devin Gianchandani, San Jose Department of Transportation 

In the first part, Devin Gianchandani answered questions pertaining to the City of San Jose's bicycle/pedestrian program and adult encouragement programs, which is in addition to providing an overview and schedule of the Department of Transportation's paving and complete street project on Willow Glen's Minnesota Avenue. He led a discussion on safety concerns at Minnesota/Hicks and Minnesota/Lincoln Avenues.


Guest speaker #2: Heba El-Guendy, San Jose Department of Transportation

In the second part, Heba El-Guendy described the San Jose Vision Zero Program including its core principles.  She was also asked to present information on collisions data and trends, along with the City’s efforts to address safety issues in terms of engineering, education, evaluation and enforcement efforts.  


Guest speakers' website: Department of Transportation (main page)

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision; Transportation; Public Safety; Vision Zero; Safe Routes

2017, June 08

Presentation Title: "Trails Update: Willow Glen & Connecting Areas" (60 pages, in parts, see links below)

Special Note: Because of the large size of the original document and presentation, it has been broken into five sections.  This makes it easier to upload and download.

Files are in PPTX format as follows, and they are universally visible off this website from our Google Drive account, a sharable and secure cloud storage and file backup application.  Clicking on the below links will open a new window or tab in your web browser.  PPTX is the default XML-based format for PowerPoint, and most computers should easily open the document in a web browser for viewing; whereas, you can then easily view online, download, or convert files into other slide presentation formats, such as for Apple Keynote, or JPEG, PDF, etc.

Trails Update, part 1, pages 1 to 10 (total of ten pages)

Trails Update, part 2, pages 11 to 23 (total of thirteen pages)

Trails Update, part 3, pages 24 to 35 (total of twelve pages)

Trails Update, part 4, pages 36 to 50 (total of fifteen pages)

Trails Update, part 5, pages 51 to 60 (total of ten pages)

Grand Total: 60 pages; up to 60MB files.

Speaker: Yves Zsutty, Trail Manager, Department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services, City of San Jose

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda:  A guest presentation will feature the city of San Jose's Trail Manager, Yves Zsutty, of the department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services (PRNS). He will provide us with a Trails Update for the Willow Glen Planning Area and its connecting areas. This is a participatory meeting and presentation, and we invite you to attend with all your questions and comments.

Topic series: Urban Ecology; Parks and Recreation; Trails Update


Extra: "Trail Annual Report, 2016-2017" [This bonus document in PDF format was shared by email on Wednesday 28 June 2017 by Yves Zsutty, and not presented at the June 8th WGNA Board Meeting.) 


2017, May 11 

Presentation Title: "Change, Growth, & Planning: Envisioning Santa Clara County 3.0.” 

Speaker: Don Weden, retired Principal Planer, Santa Clara County

Special note: Don Weden has chosen not to share his presentation, but examples of similar presentations that he has made, at earlier dates, are available online.

Summary: ”Santa Clara County is entering a new era in its physical development, driven by major demographic, economic, environmental, and geographic forces. It is becoming a more urban place. Our population is projected to grow by about 300,000 people in just the next 15 years – the equivalent of adding two more Sunnyvales. The vast majority of that growth will be accommodated within existing urban areas, bringing major changes, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, 2/3 of that growth is projected to occur in the 65 and older age group, as the Baby Boomers age. By 2030, 1/4 of our adult population will be 65+ and our county’s population will be the oldest it has ever been. That dramatic aging of our population will bring many challenges, including pressures for changes in our automobile-dependent land use patterns and the need for a wider array of housing and mobility choices. Maintaining our quality of life, while adapting to these major changes will require responsible, visionary local land use planning – and community attitudes that support well-planned, appropriately-located, higher-density new development."

 2017, April 13

Presentation title: Homeless Housing, A San Jose Neighborhood Perspective

Presentation Speaker: Jonathan Fleming, President & Founder, Senter Monterey Neighborhood Association (SMNA), San Jose District 7 Leadership Group

Guest speaker's website: 

Invitation to speak on the topics, per the agenda: Public Safety & Care Servies, a panel discussion

Panel Speaker #1: Eddie Garcia, Police Chief, San Jose Police Department

Panel Speaker #2: Robert Sapien, Jr., Assistant Fire Chief, on behalf of Curtis Jacobson, Fire Chief, San Joe Fire Department

Speaker #3: Robert Knudsen, San Jose Housing Department 

Speaker #4: Jonathan Fleming (see above)

Summary: A panel discussion including Eddie Garcia, Police Chief, SJPD; Curtis Jacobson, Fire Chief, SJFD; the San Jose Neighborhood Commission, and the Department of Housing. Members of the panel will make a presentation and discuss items such as the Evans Lane Housing Project; Planned Fire Station #37; Emergency Response Times; burglaries and auto theft; drug and drinking problems in Frank Bramhall-Willow Street Park; and other quality of life issues.

Topic Series: Willow Glen Cares; Public Safety


2017, April 13

Presentation title: Teacher's Housing on Lincoln Avenue (proposal)

Speaker: Sarah Chaffin

Summary of the proposal: "Create a sustainable housing model on privately owned land without government funds using a social entrepreneurship model and green high-quality low-cost technology."

Guest speaker's website 

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision


2017, March 09

Presentation TitleCity of San Jose — Economic Development Update 

Speaker #1: Kim Walesh, Deputy City Manager & Director of the Office of Economic Development for the City of San Jose (Note: Walesh was not able to attend because of other city business)

Speaker #2:  Nanci Klein, Assistant Director of Economic Development Director of Real Estate  

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda: The presentation and discussion will include an update from the city on topics such as job creation, private investment, revenue generation, and talent attraction and development. (These are the core areas of the Office of Economic Development).

Guest speaker's website: see the city’s official website for the Office of Economic Development at

Topic series:  Economic Development; Urban Design & Vision


2017, March 09

Presentation Title: Midtown@Meridian and The Ohlone Mixed Use

Speaker: Konstantin Voronin, Land Development Manager, Republic Family of Companies

Invitation to speak on the topics, per the agenda:
Ohlone Towers & Del Monte Park presentation and update.

Guest speaker's website:

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision


2017, February 09 

Presentation Title: Santa Clara County National Heritage Area Project  

Speaker #1: Dave Cortese, President, County of Santa Clara, California;  
Speaker #2:
Larry Ames, past WGNA Board President.  

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda: "At the request or Supervisor Dave Cortese and with Board approval, the County has launched a mission to have [the United States] Congress designate Santa Clara Valley a National Heritage Area. NHA is a National Park Service program to promote unique natural and cultural history as an experience of national significance. “Our purpose is to use this program to promote understanding about how our Valley grew from a peaceful place where early inhabitants grew crops to the greatest fruit growing and processing region in the world to the technology center of the world. While the Park Service will use our area as an educational, environmental and technology-learning destination, we will use the National Heritage Area to bring resources here to become a more sustainable community and preserve our history."

Guest speaker's website: see the NHA website at

Topic series: Historic Preservation; Willow Glen Heritage.   



2017, January, 

Presentation Title: Shaping the Region's Growth

Speaker: Laura Tolkoff, AICP, San Jose Policy Director, SPUR-San Jose is (formally known as the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association)

Summary: "SPUR is a member-supported, nonprofit organization that promotes good planning and good government in the San Francisco Bay Area. In a region dominated by single-interest politics, SPUR plays the crucial role of uniting citizens to jointly craft solutions to our common problems. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in San Jose, SPUR provides a common ground for citizens to come together in fruitful, forward-thinking conversation."

Guest speaker's website: see SPUR's official website

Topic series: Urban Design & Vision


 2016, November, Thursday 10 

Presentation Title: Life in Willow Glen

Speaker: Lila Gemello, local artist

Invitation to speak on the topic: new mural (painted artwork) on Lincoln Avenue at the alley and outside wall of the BevMo store.

Summary: A grant made possible by Councilman Oliverio to the Willow Glen Business Association in partnership with property owner Michael Mulcahy made this mural happen. Mr. Mulcahy recommended Gemellos on her ability to create a sense of place, showcased at the Falafel Drive-In.  Redevelopment of the parcel will make the mural more accessible in the future. 

Topic series: Historic Preservation; Willow Glen Heritage 


2016, November, Thursday 10 

Presentation Title:  About the Youth Commission

Speakers: Betty Ramirez, San Jose Youth Commission Staff; and the San Jose Youth Commissioners for the year 2016-2017.  

Invitation to speak on topics (summary): Youth commissioners were invited to make a presentation before the WGNA Board of Directors nominated and confirmed Rena Zhong (representing District 6 on the San Jose Youth Commission) as a new WGNA Board Member with full voting rights.  

Supplementary document: San Jose Youth Commission, "2016/17 Youth Commissioners Bio’s", introducing the individual youth commissioners. 



2016, November, Thursday 10

Presentation Title: Greenprint Update Project, Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park

Speaker: Dave Mitchell, RLA, ASLA Park Planner/Project Manager, Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services of the City of San Jose.  

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda: Follow-up and response to the July 2016 WGNA Board Meeting & Presentation on topics related to a new concession, restroom & storage building that is now under construction between the amphitheater and tennis courts. Further questions and answers on the renovation of the lawn bowling green facility; replacement roof on the old restroom and field house at Willow Street & Glen Brook Avenue; project budget & construction bids; ecological conservation; use, contracts, stakeholder groups; safety, patrol, & neighborhood watch.

Summary: Update on developments at Frank Bramhall-Willow Street Park, including the PRNS Greenprint Update; City of San Jose [Year] 2020 General Plan Goals; review of recreational and open space lands in proportion to the general population; general survey of preferred park needs; San Jose "Greenprint" history; current user groups that are common at Frank Bramhall-Willow Street Park; current capital projects and funding at Frank Bramhall-Willow Street Park.

Topic series: Urban Ecology


  2016, September, Thursday 22

Presentation TitleInvesting in Santa Clara Valley’s Water, Wildlife and Working Lands: A 21st Century Economic Development Strategy

Speaker: Dorsey Moore, Chairperson (2012-2016), Open Space Authority (OSA) of Santa Clara Valley.

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda: OSA financial participation in the Los Gatos Creek Trail, the Willow Glen Spur Trail (aka Three Creeks Trail). Also, a history of the OSA, and its mission.

Topic series: Urban Ecology


2016, September, Thursday 22

Presentation Title: South Bay Clean Creaks Coalition — Update

Speaker: Steve Holmes, founder, and Executive Director, South Bay Creeks Coalition (formerly Friends of Los Gatos Creek).  

Invitation to speak on topics, per the agenda: update and video presentation of the Coalition's recent expansion along sections of the Guadalupe River, demonstrating how things have improved.  Summary: includes history and mission of South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition; the importance of beavers in the ecosystem; steelhead and chinook salmon in the creeks and streams; "how do you recover our trash impacted waterways?"; the number of cleanups and tonnage removed from waterways; ecological art projects; new initiatives; science along our waterways; the impact of drought; volunteering. 

Topic series: Urban Ecology


2016, August, Thursday 25

Presentation Title: San Jose Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 230; Willow Glen Neighborhood Association — Public Safety Update

Speakers: Robert Sapien, Jr., Deputy Fire Chief, SJFD; & Sean Lovens, Communications Director, SJ Firefighters, IAFF Local 230.   

Subject: Public Safety & Homeless Services Update.  

Talking Points: Fire & Police Department Emergency Response Time, and the status of restored fire companies, including the City Gate Report (Summary).  Also, the potential impact of increased call volume, relative to the Evans Lane development (ref. City Gate). Status of the planned Station #37 on Lincoln, near Curtner Avenues: How does the City Gate report support recommendations that Station #37 operate with four firefighters? [and] Current Station #6 remain in operation?   

Topic series: Willow Glen Cares; Public Safety


 2016, July, Thursday 28

Presentation Title: "Structural Changes in Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park" (note: this link directs off of the website and opens in a separate window in your web browser).  

Speaker: David Zappelli, Chairperson, Stakeholders for Safe Green Village  

Talking points: Structural changes & capital improvement projects: - New concession, restroom & storage building (between the amphitheater and tennis courts) - Renovation of the lawn bowling green facility - Replacement roof on the old restroom building - Project budget & construction bids • History of the park & its preservation • Park Master Plan (review/trend) • Ecological conservation • Use, contracts, stakeholder groups • Safety, patrol, & neighborhood watch.  

Guest speaker's website: see the website for Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village at and the dedicated page for Stakeholders for Willow Street Park at

Topic series: Urban Ecology


2014, January 

Presentation Title: "Building a City of Great Places".  

Guest Speaker: Laurel Prevetti, Assistant Director, Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, City of San Jose.