Kayla Jimenez, Artist and Willow Glen Resident

Artist for Art Box located at Pine and Hicks




Kayla Jimenez has come a very long way in life. Kayla and her twin brother, born at 26 weeks, were not expected to survive and spent several months in the hospital. Due to their premature birth, they both have permanent disabilities. Kayla, who weighed one pound, suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen and bleeding on the brain. In addition, she has cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, epilepsy, autism, early-stage glaucoma, and lattice degeneration in both eyes. Due to her disabilities, both doctors and teachers told Kayla's parents that she would never be able to accomplish anything in life.
Kayla's love for art came at a very early age. Her parents would always find her with a sketchbook and pencil in her hand. She has lived in Willow Glen her whole life. Back in 2016, she made a painting of the Historic Garden Theater, which is permanently hanging inside of the theater. Kayla also painted twice for NASA to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Splashdown.   She also illustrated two books, Mandy and Izzy, highlighting the importance of coming together and including children with special needs in everyday activities. Over the years, Kayla, self-taught, became interested in watercolor and is a professional watercolor artist. Kayla enjoys painting for others and is so honored to have her work displayed and hopes it will bring happiness to people for years to come.