Touring Historic Willow Glen Book Orders

WGNA_book_cover.pngTouring Historic Willow Glen: Ten Walking Loops was a joint effort between the WGNA and Preservation Action Council of San Jose. In a little over 100 pages, Touring Historic Willow Glen manages to capture everything that makes Willow Glen such a wonderful place to live -- its richness in history, balance of nature and architecture, and walkability. Grab a copy of the book, take a walking tour, and fall in love with Willow Glen like we have.

You can purchase Touring Historic Willow Glen: Ten Walking Loops at these local retailers:

Grace on the Avenue (1100 Lincoln Ave. #150)
Hicklebee's (1378 Lincoln Ave.)
Three Sisters (1393 Lincoln Ave.)
Top Nosh (1167 Lincoln Ave.)
Underground (1342 Lincoln Ave.)
Whatnots and Dodads (1130 Lincoln. Ave.)
Zanotto's (1421 Foxworthy Ave.)

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