Annual Meeting (Preliminary) Report

The official minutes from our annual meeting on May 28th will be posted to this website soon. In the meantime, we can report that after a protracted discussion, the following slate of board officers and directors was elected for the 2015-16 term beginning July 1st:

  • President - Chris Roth
  • 1st Vice President - Mayra Flores De Marcotte
  • 2nd Vice President - Nancy Rice
  • Secretary - Ryan Elliott
  • Treasurer - Peter Allen
  • At-Large Members - Archie Moore, Debbie Cain, Matt Capaci, Elizabeth Estensen, Samantha LoCurto

Additionally, a five-member Nominating Committee was elected to recommend officers and directors for the 2016-17 term, to be elected at the next annual meeting in May 2016. That committee includes the following WGNA members in good standing:

  • Matt Capaci, Board Member, Member of 2015-16 Nominating Committee
  • Elizabeth Estensen, Board Member, Member of 2015-16 Nominating Committee
  • Hugh Graham, Former WGNA President
  • Ed Rast, Former WGNA President
  • Jeff Stanley, WGNA Member

We're excited to move into a new year with new energy. We hope you'll join us along the way, and stay tuned for more to come from the annual meeting...