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WGNA Board Meeting & Presentation 
next on Thursday 12 July 2018

Our next board meeting on Thursday, July 12, 2018, will include Willow Glen Planning Area updates on a number of items, and including Bramhall-Willow Street Park, and the Greater Gardner Area.

The Willow Glen Planning Area is one of fifteen large sub-areas in the City of San Jose's "Greenprint".  The Planning Areas are used by the city in a number of ways, including how the Planning Division or the Parks Department monitors the supply and absorption of vacant land and to track and forecast development activity.

The Greenprint, in itself, is "a long-term plan that sets goals and strategies for how San José's parks, trails, and community centers will change over the next 20 years.  City staff and policymakers use the Greenprint as a guide as they explore the ways the parks system can help people in San José be healthier and happier.  The City is working on a major update of its existing Greenprint, which was accepted by City Council in 2009. The new Greenprint Update is expected to be complete in Spring 2018."

The 2009 version of the Willow Glen Planning Area and "Greenprint" is what defines the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association's area of membership and advocacy, as noted in our Bylaws and Policies.  See the "Planning Maps" page of our website, and an annotated 2009 Willow Glen Planning Area here.  

Two years ago, in WGNA's July 28, 2016 Board Meeting, issues relating to Bramhall-Wilow Street Park were presented by Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village, then with a follow-up walk-through of the park happening that August.  By November 2016, Dave Mitchell from San Jose's Department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) visited WGNA's Board Meeting for a response and presentation.  This July 2018, we will now review the issues from the last two years, give updates on the progress, and engage feedback on current and future needs in the park.

WGNA's Greater Gardner Committee will give an update on issues since our last Town Hall Meeting on December 14, 2017, with Jim Beall, Jr., California State Senator (15th District).  Recent items have included a sound wall (concrete fence) behind the Gardner Academy; neighborhood traffic calming and street paving initiatives (especially on W. Virginia St.); California High-Speed Rail right-of-ways into the area; playground and other improvements inside Biebrach park; freeway/Caltrans cleanup issues; homelessness; Gregory Street area needs; impacts from the proposed Google-San Jose development; plus, the most recent proposal (application) for a wireless cell phone tower on Prevost Street near Jerome Ave.

Note that WGNA meetings typically occur on the second Thursday of the month.
Our regular meeting location is Willow Glen Library, Community Room, 1157 Minnesota Avenue, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

In the following August 2018, WGNA will be hosting National Night Out.

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Online View & Presentation of "Structural Changes in Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park"

Please visit our page for Meeting & Presentations to see the content from Thursday 28 July 2016 which regards "Structural Changes in Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park".

PARK UPDATE:  Join us at our Thursday 10 November 2016 Board & Membership meeting for an update on developments in Willow Street-Frank Bramall Park.  Dave Mitchell from San Jose's department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) will be speaking at our open house meeting to be held at the Willow Glen Library, located at 1157 Minnesota Avenue.

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