The Greater Willow Glen Neighborhood & Planning Area

The Willow Glen Planning Area
is a densely developed area west of downtown San Jose. It is 10.4 square miles in area and the population was estimated
by the City of San Jose Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department at 75,937 in the year 2007, which yields a population density of 11.4 residents per acre. By the year 2020 the population is estimated to be 82,750.  

See the City of San Jose's "Greenprint" planning maps here.

Today's neighborhood and greater planning area is bordered by Interstate-280 at the north; Almaden Expressway, the Guadalupe River and State Route-87 to the east; Hillsdale and Camden Avenues to the south; and a zig-zag that borders the city of Campbell on the west side, including State Route 17, Hamilton Avenue, Leigh Avenue, Dry Creek Road, and Bascom Avenue.  

See the Google map, here (directing off our website).

Central and Historic Willow Glen

Long ago, Willow Glen was its own city before being annexed by the City of San Jose.  The central and historic district is a smaller area that's basically at the cross of Lincoln and Minnesota Avenues, bordered by the Los Gatos Creek as it traverses from the west side to the north; Pine and Malone Avenues to the south; the Guadalupe River and Lick Avenue to the east.  See a historic map here.

Historic Willow Glen

Downtown Willow Glen, primarily centered on Lincoln Avenue from Broadway to Minnesota Avenues as being the core "main street" area. (The district is represented by the Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA), a WGNA partner.)

Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park Area, which includes the area around Willow Street, Meridian Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, Glen Eyrie Avenue, Camino Ramon, and Cherry Avenue.  Bramhall Park is one of Willow Glen's oldest, and most central parks, approximate to downtown Willow Glen.  The park is named after the City of San Jose's first dedicated parks director, Frank Bramhall.  

Subdivisions and inner-turf areas.  

Beyond the downtown and central areas of Willow Glen, see here for some of our working notes on the subdivisions and inner-turf areas of the greater neighborhood and the planning area.

Schools & Enrollment Zones

The Willow Glen Planning Area includes several public schools in the San Jose Unified School District; a single elementary school in the Campbell Union School District (for joint use by the residents of Willow Glen and the City of Campbell)plus various private schools.  See more here.


Included in Willow Glen are the Willow Glen Public Library, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Camden Community Center, Kirk Community Center, Gardner Community Center, the Bascom Community Center & Library, 14 neighborhood/community parks and 1 additional neighborhood/community park planned, 4 satellite centers, 2 neighborhood centers, 2 community gardens, and a pool.



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