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Seasonally, every year, Walk to School Day returns in the autumn, and Bike to School Day in the spring.

This national event is organized locally by Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village in partnership with the National Center for Safe Routes to School.  Our regular co-sponsor is the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association – WGNA.

Participating schools for the Willow Glen event include:
Willow Glen Elementary; River Glen School K-8; Ernesto Galarza Elementary; and Hammer Montessori Elementary.

On Thursday 10 October 2018, students, parents, and teachers will meet together at the Bank of America Parking Lot on Lincoln Avenue.  In celebrating “Walk to School Day”, we all came together for a morning reception and then go to our respective schools.

Join children & adults around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking:

  • Encouraging a child’s next stage of independence
  • Physical activity
  • Teaching safe pedestrian & bicycling skills to children
  • Awareness of how walkable & bikeable community improvements can be made
  • Concern for the environment Reducing traffic congestion, pollution & speed near schools
  • Sharing time with community leaders, parents & children
  • Creating joy and fun!
  • Promoting psychological well-being and alertness
  • Fostering maturation and responsibility
  • Creating habits of activity, empowerment and thinking differently

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BIKE TO SCHOOL occured last May 2018.

Join children & adults around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling:

— Bringing a sense of joy and fun!
— Encouraging children’s next stage of independence
— Promoting psychological well-being and alertness
— Fostering maturity and responsibility
— Creating habits of activity, empowerment and thinking differently
— Teaching children an awareness of what’s ahead “down the road.”


As part of the “Bike to School” activities, students at our elementary schools receive bicycles, helmets, and razor scooters throughout the year.

Several students at our Willow Glen Neighborhood Schools received prize tickets to the soccer game — The San Jose Earthquakes versus Los Angeles FC at the San Jose Avaya Stadium — scheduled for June 9th, 2018 at 7:15 PM.

Participating schools included:

Willow Glen Elementary
River Glen School K-8
Ernesto Galarza & Hammer Montessori
Gardner Academy

The game tickets were courtesy of Stakeholders for Safe Green Village(SGV), purchased by the co-sponsorship of the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association(WGNA); Willow Glen Business Association(WGBA); and the Table Restaurant.

We also thank the Earthquakes for their free giveaways, school assembly demonstrations, mascot appearances, etc.  Together, we have promoted Safe Routes to School, and community pride.  We invite you to enjoy “Willow Glen Neighborhood Night” with the Earthquakes!  And enjoy your end-of-year summer vacation!



PREVIOUS EVENTS: PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS for the autumn "Walk to School" event in Willow Glen include...








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