Projects & Programs

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association is always working on a number of projects and programs, but here are some of the annual events that we organize or sponsor, as well as including some of the current major topics in the area on which we create forums or town hall meetings.

  • Blight to Bright (April, or other announced dates, including neighborhood clean-up projects)
  • Safe Routes to School (including co-sponsor or the annual "Walk to School Day" in the fall, and Bike to School events in the spring)
  • National Night Out & Public Safety (August, annual)
  • Holiday Lights Tour (December, annual)
  • Food & Clothing Drives (November, annual, including turkeys, canned goods, clothing, etc)
  • Homelessness & Hope Village Relocation (regular meetings and updates on the state of homelessness, its impact on the community, and finding solutions for transitional housing, clinics, rehabilitation, affordable housing, etc.)
  • Road Diets, Bikeways, and Street Improvements, including the Lincoln Ave. Road Diet (completed on Lincoln Avenue, and improvements occurring on connecting routes like Willow Street, Minnesota and Meridian Avenues, etc.)
  • Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park (reports or updates on regular improvements in the park, and relating to it)
  • Google Master Plan Project (regular reports and updates on the project, and its schedule of developments, also as it relates to the Diridon Station Area Plan or the Station Area Advisory Group [SAAG])