WGNA Road Diet Survey Results

To collect additional feedback from the public on the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet, WGNA conducted a survey via Survey Monkey — a reputable online survey company — from June 2 through June 15 (14 days total). This survey collected over 1,100 responses. You can review the results in this PowerPoint presentation.

With regards to the final and most significant question from the survey, please see as follows:

Question: OVERALL, do you believe the Road Diet Trial has improved Lincoln Avenue and should become permanent?

Respondents: 1,131

  • Strongly Agree - 452 - 39.96%
  • Agree - 118 - 10.43%
  • No Opinion - 51 - 4.51%
  • Disagree - 114 - 10.08% 
  • Strongly Disagree - 396 - 35.01%

These results are not scientific and are only intended to gauge the overall pulse of the community on this issue.*

We plan to share the results from this survey at the next Road Diet Community Meeting, scheduled for this Thursday, June 18th, at 6:30pm in the Willow Glen High School Cafeteria (2001 Cottle Avenue). We hope to see you then and there.

* For those who have expressed concerns about individuals voting multiple times using the same computer, we have reviewed the individual IP addresses of respondents and have found the following:

  • There were 75 instances where more than one vote was recorded from the same IP address.
  • 64 instances involved only 2 votes from the same IP address.
  • In only 3 instances were there more than 3 votes from the same IP address, with the most being 9.
  • In many instances, multiple responses from the same IP address were NOT homogenous. This leads us to believe that the overwhelming majority of these instances involved multiple individuals voting on the same shared computer.
  • If all of these instances were removed from consideration, there would be NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT change to the results.