WGNA Social Media

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA) participates in a number of social media platforms, including diverse options for members, as well as for everyone in the community at large.

WGNA's Main Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/WGNASJ (or simply @WGNASJ).

You can also visit WGNA's alternate (sub) Facebook Pages:

Seasons In The Glen WGNA @SeasonsWGNA

Urban Ecology - WGNA @UrbanEcologyWGNA

Urban Design & Vision - WGNA @UrbanDesignWGNA

Willow Glen Heritage WGNA @WillowGlenHeritageWGNA

Eat Here, Willow Glen - WGNA @EatHereWG

Willow Glen Cares - WGNA @WGNACares 


Twitter: alerts, notifications, meeting reminders, and current events are being shared on Twiter. Please subscribe at https://twitter.com/wgnasj (or simply @WGNASJ).  

There's also twitter.com/WGNAseasons to match the Seasons in the Glen page at Facebook.

Hashtags: Some common social media hashtags used by WGNA include : 

#WGNAsj   #WGNA   #WillowGlen   #SanJose


To contact WGNA Board of Directors by email, or
To share media content on social networks and websites,
please contact editor.wgna@gmail.com.  Messages will be forwarded to the board.

For an authorized and formal business with WGNA, correspondence should be directed solely to the 2019-2019 Board President, Elizabeth Estensen.


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Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA)
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