Position Papers

Available position papers are listed below.  Those from previous years are planned to be restored online by the 2016-2017 Board of Directors.

2018, January 26 — this is a letter of request to "Improve Public Safety for primary school children attending Gardner Academy School on Illinois Avenue at Auzerais Avenue. Two major intersections along a California State Roadway — Bird Avenue — are unsafe crossings. First, there is Auzerais at Bird Avenue; and secondly, Virginia Street at Bird Avenue.

2017, July 20 — regards "Affordable Teacher Housing", an item that is expected to be on the San Jose City Council Agenda for Tuesday, August 8, 2017.  It was previously discussed and voted on as item #GP17-005 from the San Jose Planning Commission Agenda for Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (Section 6a., General Plan Hearing Continued from May 10, 2017, "General Plan Amendment request to change the Land Use Designation..."). 

2016, August 11 — regards "San Jose City Council Meeting for August 9, 2016, Agenda Item 5.1 “Report on Bids and Award of Contract for the 7855 – Bramhall Restroom Concession-Storage Building Project.” (Deferred to August 16, 2016) 

2016, June 24 — regards "San Jose City Council Meeting June 28, 2016, Agenda Item 6.1, Lincoln Avenue Pilot Project Report -  Request for 45 Day Deferral."

2015, July 13 — [Invalidated as of the June 2016 Board Meeting] regards "Letter in Support of the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet Trial", addressed to Jim Ortbal, Interim Director of Transportation, City of San Jose., and copied to Mayor Liccardo and Members of the City Council.

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