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Please see the below Willow Glen Planning Area documents from the City of San Jose Greenprint 2009 Update as they pertain to the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association Bylaws and Policies, ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP; Section 2. CLASSES, which states:

a) Individual and Household memberships: Individual and Household memberships are “voting memberships,” and are reserved for residents and residential property owners within the boundaries of the Association, as defined by San Jose 2009 Greenprint - Willow Glen Planning Area Map, and within 1/2 mile of Greenprint boundary since neighboring areas affect traffic, quality of life and other issues important to our members and Willow Glen.
b) Associate and Corporate Memberships: Associate and Corporate memberships are open to anyone interested who subscribes to and supports WGNA’s purposes, values, and non-discrimination statements and are “non-voting memberships.”

The qualifications or eligibility requirements for membership and the rights and obligations of members shall be as provided in these By-laws and under applicable California and U.S. law. 


Willow Glen Planning Area (City of San Jose Greenprint 2009 Update, p.140.  Includes special annotations by WGNA in red at the page margins)

Willow Glen Urban Planning Area Strategies (City of San Jose Greenprint 2009 update, p.141. Excerpted half page brief)

City of San Jose Planning Areas (City of San Jose Greenprint 2009 Update, p.70)

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