Since WGNA's inception in 1973, its members have united to represent resident concerns on items such as roads, parks, business expansion, airport noise and curfew enforcement, neighborhood beautification, and public safety. As a member, your input will be key to creating a unified and fully-representative voice that represents your neighborhood.

Your membership dues will be used to support our neighborhood initiatives including Safe Routes to Schools, Blight to Bright, and administrative costs for general meetings and speaker series events.

Choose from the three types of memberships in the below and complete the membership application online, or choose to print a manual application and remit it by regular mail.


Good for one (1) vote on matters referred to the general membership. The best way to make your voice heard. Click here to join at this level. Dues are $10 for one year and $25 for three (3) years.


Good for up to two (2) votes on matters referred to the general membership. A perfect way for families to stay involved and informed. Dues are $20 for one year and $50 for three (3) years. 


This is a non-voting membership option for business owners in the Willow Glen area who want to stay involved with the community. Dues are $250 per year. Click here to join online.

Printable Application Form (PDF)

If you prefer to manually complete a membership application and send it by regular mail, please print off the attached PDF document, and then remit it with payment to our post office box, or deliver by hand to our next board meeting.  Click here to join by manual application.


Per WGNA bylaws, the Board of Directors reserves the right to adjust dues on an annual basis. Current membership dues were set by the Board at their public meeting of June 23, 2016. Please contact us to determine the status of your membership.

WGNA is a registered 501(c)(4) corporation, and your dues are NOT tax-deductible.

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Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA)
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