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Thursday 08 November 2018

On Thursday 08 November 2018 at 7:00 PM, join us for a community discussion and workshop on crime prevention in which we will address questions and concerns relating to...

— How to improve your safety at home and in the community;

— Learning about recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, personal safety, burglary, and theft prevention;

We have organized this meeting because many people have been expressing their worries about a number of law enforcement issues including the following: robbery prevention; suspicious loitering; trespassing; neighborhood watch; home invasions; carjackings; bicycle theft; illegal waste dumping; narcotics; prostitution; controlled substances; judicial process; area surveillance; patrolling; and more.

The presentation will be made by the San Jose Police Department' Crime Prevention Unit.

LOCATION: Gardner Academy (elementary school) at 502 Illinois Ave, San Jose, CA 95125. (Alternate site, not our usual venue).

Note that WGNA meetings typically occur on the second Thursday of the month.

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 Location: Gardner Academy (elementary school) at 502 Illinois Ave, San Jose, CA 95125.



Note that WGNA meetings typically occur on the second Thursday of the month.

For a review or download of the meeting agenda, please see the dedicated page at


UPDATE: The Planning Commission Hearing
on Wednesday 07 November 2018, re. Communications Antenna in Gardner


A City of San Jose Planning Commission Hearing for the cell tower appeal is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018.
During the hearing, we will need to cover the following key points for why we are concerned about this project and appeal its implementation:
  1. Alternative site analysis poorly conducted
  2. No effort to mitigate (offset) negative impact (in fact, they made it worse and lowered from 60 to 50 feet, did not address concerns with trespassing and security, refused to provide plans for ongoing maintenance/support, are allowed to make internal changes w/out notification once the infrastructure is up)
  3. Project barely met minimum qualifications - when resources are slim then it's even more important to follow processes.

Next Step

1. See our canvassing flyer to the community and note...
  • 50 foot cell tower in Gardner
  • Appeal is scheduled for 6:30p Wednesday Nov 7th 2018 
  • Voice your concern!
2. Distribute a poster for public notice around the neighborhood and at public sites site with the same message as the above.
3. Organize the residents, encourage them to attend the hearing, and communicate the concerns of the neighborhood so that we cover all key points and evidence.  We must put together a focused, credible, and consistent message.

PREVIOUSLY on 15 August 2018 
Decision at the Planning Director's Hearing

re. Communications Antenna in Gardner

— WGNA issues letter; expected to appeal the decision

On the morning of Wednesday, August 15, 2018, members of WGNA's Gardner Committee appeared at the Planning Director's Hearing regarding item b. SP17-044 on the agenda, pertaining to a new 50-foot tall Wireless Communication Antenna Slimline Monopole in the Gardner neighborhood at the northeast corner of Prevost Street and Jerome Street.

The staff recommendation was to consider the exemption in accordance with CEQA, and to approve a special use permit as described above.  An action was approved in an agreement with the recommendation, and with added conditions. The synopsis (action minutes) can be seen here.  To listen to the hearing on an audio file, click here, and select the indexed item SP17-044 or fast-forward the recording to 18:08 minutes.

At the hearing, WGNA's Gardner Committee chairperson issued a letter, which was also delivered to the San Jose City Clerk for public record.  See here to read WGNA's letter issued August 15, 2018, in PDF format (on three pages). 


Members of WGNA's Gardner Committee have since regrouped and are planning to make an appeal of the decision made by the board.

On Monday, August 20th, 2018, Alex Harris made a presentation at the Gardner Community center on behalf of the WGNA's Gardner Committee.

Please see our website again and soon for more updates.

Planning Director Defers Agenda Item on
the Communications Antenna in Gardner
HEARING AGENDA for Wed. 18 July 2018 (9:00 AM)

Members of WGNA's Gardner Committee visited the morning’s meeting at the San Jose Planning Director's Hearing Agenda for Wednesday 18 July 2018 (9:00 AM).  This regards a Special Use Permit to allow the installation of a new 60-foot tall wireless communication antenna slimline monopole at the northeast corner of Prevost & Jerome Streets.   The item, Application #SP17-044, was deferred on the agenda seen here.

Re. SP17-044. Special Use Permit to allow the installation of a new 60-foot tall wireless communication antenna slimline monopole within a new six-foot tall block wall compound along the perimeter with landscaping on a 0.45-gross acre site in the R-2 Two-Family Residence Zoning District located at the northeast corner of Prevost Street and Jerome Street (Owner: Caltrans). Council District: 3. CEQA: Exempt in accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15303(c) for New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures. Continued from 5/16.

We asked that the city see the emails sent to TSJ Consulting Inc. (the applicant), inviting them to consider an alternative site for the proposed 60-foot tall wireless communication antenna slimline monopole.

Special June 21st Meeting in Gardner, 
re. Wireless Antenna Slimline Monopole

The above canvassing flier will be handed out to residents in the greater Gardner neighborhood.  
This is for a special meeting on June 21, 2018, at the Gardner Community Center, which will occur prior to our regular WGNA Board meeting on June 14th at the Willow Glen Library (Minnesota Avenue).  Both meetings are open house to everyone.  

A position paper will be discussed on the June 14th meeting, as well as presentations.

For questions, please contact WGNA Board Members Jeremy Taylor and Rowan Pike, who live in Gardner, or contact WGNA's Greater Gardner Committee by email at

Also see a PDF formatted document of the above flier here.  And our news entry at

For the Greater Gardner Committee meeting AGENDA for Thursday 21 June 2018, please see here

WGNA Endorses a Position Paper on the 
Wireless Antenna Slimline Monopole

See the paper endorsed on 2018, June 14 — regards a City of San Jose Special Use Permit to allow the installation of a new 60-foot Wireless Communication Antenna Slimline Monopole within a new 6-foot block wall compound along the perimeter landscaping on a 0.45 gross acre site. The project location/address is at the northeast corner of Prevost Street, and Jerome Street, San Jose.  The Applicant is Mobilitie, based in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  The city's project Reference Number is SP17-044; and number 2017 039775 DV.  The WGNA position paper was endorsed by the WGNA Board and reads in part: 

Mobilitie LLC proposes a cell tower installation for T-Mobile in a site 80 feet from the nearest residential property line. This will affect Gardner neighborhood residents, even if they are not directly benefiting from the wireless service...

Notes from the Gardner Town Hall Meeting 

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association hosted a special Town Hall Meeting in the Gardner Neighborhood on the second Thursday, 14 December 2017 at 7:00 pm.  

  • The Town Hall Meeting Agenda can be found here.
  • The Town Hall Meeting Notes can be found here.






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