Central & Historic Willow Glen

Long ago, Willow Glen was its own city before being annexed by the City of San Jose.  The central and historic district is a smaller area that's basically at the cross of Lincoln and Minnesota Avenues, bordered by the Los Gatos Creek as it traverses from the west side to the north; Pine and Malone Avenues to the south; the Guadalupe River and Lick Avenue to the east.  See a historic map here.

Historic Willow Glen

Downtown Willow Glen, primarily centered on Lincoln Avenue from Broadway to Minnesota Avenues as being the core "main street" area. (The district is represented by the Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA), a WGNA partner.)

Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park Area, which includes the area around Willow Street, Meridian Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, Glen Eyrie Avenue, Camino Ramon, and Cherry Avenue.  Bramhall Park is one of Willow Glen's oldest, and most central parks, approximate to downtown Willow Glen.  The park is named after the City of San Jose's first dedicated parks director, Frank Bramhall.  

HISTORIC HOUSES, RANCHES, & PARCELS of central and historic Willow Glen
Here are some of the key historic houses, ranches, and parcels that 
Roberto-Sunol Adobe and Lauraville house (National, State and City landmark on Lincoln Avenue, adjacent to I-280)
Britton house (Cherry Avenue)
Buffington House (Lincoln Avenue)
Cutler house and orchard (Newport Ave.)
Clark house/Casa Mañana (Minnesota Avenue; house of Willow Glen's first Mayor)
Cozzens house (Minnesota Avenue)
Dent House (Willow Street)
Dreischmeyer house (Willow St. & Carolyn Ave)
Geiger ranch and cherry orchards (now Willow St.-Bramhall Park)
Kirk-Farrington house (Dry Creek Road)
Maykirk house (Maykirk Road)
Maynard house (Minnesota Avenue)
Richards House (Hicks Ave.)
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